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Book Chapters

Kopsaftopoulos F.P., Chang F.-K., “A Dynamic Data-driven Stochastic State-awareness Framework for the Next Generation of Bio-inspired Fly-by-feel Aerospace Vehicles”


invited chapter, Handbook of Dynamic Data Driven Applications Systems, Erik Blasch, Sai Ravela and Alex Aved (Eds.), 2018. Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-319-95503-2, eBook ISBN: 978-3-319-95504-9.

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Journal Articles

Chen X., Kopsaftopoulos F.P., Wu Q., Ren H., Chang F.-K., “Flight state identification of a self-sensing wing via an Improved feature selection method and machine learning approaches”


Sensors, Vol. 8(5), pp. 1379, 2018.

Invited paper in the Special Issue Selected Papers from IWSHM 2017,

Ladpli P., Kopsaftopoulos F.P., Chang F.-K., “Estimating state of charge and health of lithium-ion batteries with guided waves using built-in piezoelectric sensors/actuators”


Journal of Power Sources, Vol. 384, pp. 342-354, 2018.

Kopsaftopoulos F.P., Nardari R., Li Y.-H., Chang F.-K., “A stochastic global identification framework for aerospace structures operating under varying flight states”


Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, Vol. 98, pp. 425-447, 2018.

arXiv:1612.04896 [cs.SY]

Conference Papers

Ladpli P., Liu C., Kopsaftopoulos F.P., Chang F.-K., “Estimating lithium-ion battery state of charge and health with ultrasonic guided waves using an efficient matching pursuit technique”


in the Proceedings of the IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference & EXPO Asia-Pacific (ITEC Asia-Pacific 2018), Bangkok, Thailand, June 2018.

Kopsaftopoulos F.P. and Chang F.-K., “Self-sensing self-diagnostic structures for next generation intelligent aerospace systems”


in the Proceedings of the AHS Airworthiness and HUMS Technical Meeting, Huntsville, Alabama, USA, February 21-22, 2018.